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Greg LaytonCedar Lake, TX

Greg Layton
Cedar Lake, TX

Financial Professional

The American dream is being able to devote the last third of your life to those things you never had time for during your working years. Retirement, if properly planned, can provide the time and resources that allow you to give meaning to your life, free from stress and obligations of an everyday job. This is certainly possible for the average American, but it is not going to happen by chance alone. The life that you live in retirement is going to be governed by the choices you make today – choices that are critical to shaping your future.

Retirement planning is the most important vehicle you have for ensuring a carefree retirement. The earlier that you plot a course, create a viable plan, carefully execute that plan and diligently monitor its progress, the better the outcome might be. Creating a sound retirement plan requires the counsel of a seasoned and knowledgeable professional who is well versed in the challenges faced by retirees today. I know how hard Americans work to achieve a better life, and I pledge my training and experience to help them create a more comfortable and dignified retirement.

An income that will last a lifetime, affordable health care and long-term care, protection from misfortune and liability, and a plan for the efficient distribution of your legacy are the keys to financial health. Companies are assuming less responsibility for their workers’ retirements, and meaningful Social Security benefits are in question, so it is more important than ever for individuals to take the actions necessary to ensure that their retirement needs will be met.

The financial future of each of my clients is important to me, and I would consider it a privilege to explore your retirement options with you.


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