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Retirement Plan Services

Who We Are

David Pabin, a partner at Legacy Investments, Inc., leads and supports our team with extensive retirement plan knowledge and experience on the vendor and plan sponsor side of our retirement plan consulting practice.

Legacy Retirement Plan Services exists to guide plan sponsors and their employees through the complicated retirement plan world.

Because Legacy Retirement Plan Services is part of the Legacy team; individual financial planning professionals contribute to helping employees, on a one to one basis, navigate the complicated financial, estate and tax planning landscape. Our holistic, unwavering commitment to employee education helps your employees retire with dignity.

We understand you will continually seek the necessary tools to manage your retirement plan effectively and efficiently...........Legacy strives to set a new standard for retirement plan management. We are a process driven team whereby proven education and investment processes lead to healthy retirement outcomes for plan participants.

Legacy Retirement Plan Services is focused on serving employers' retirement plan needs with targeted employee education programs and prudent investment monitoring practices to ultimately control fiduciary liability.

We provide a comprehensive retirement plan consulting services that include:

  • Provider Search & Benchmarking
  • Plan Service & Compliance
  • Comprehensive Employee Education
  • Financial Wellness Programs
  • Investment Monitoring

Provider Search & Benchmarking

You may find the retirement plan provider landscape to be ever changing. Markets go up, markets go down, providers enter the business, and providers exit the business. Our experience helps you make sense of the provider world. Our request for proposal process, “3-2-1,” helps you narrow down providers to match your organization with the provider that is the best fit for you.

Our search process provides your team with concise answers to your provider questions to make your decision crystal clear.

We encourage our plan sponsors to understand all plan fees; investment, recordkeeping, and advisory and how those fees affect their plan and participants. We benchmark our plans total cost and services annually in a clear and concise reporting tool.

Plan Service & Compliance

You demand more, and we answer the call, literally! Your plan will be implemented, serviced, and monitored by your Legacy consultant. You will never be passed to "a service representative" as a Legacy client. You want a consultant who is looking out for you and your employee's best interests. Legacy represents you and your employees. Plan provider service is quantifiable, and we demand superior standards from your plan provider. Our process of documentation and resolution are what we provide to you and your employees. We provide a Plan Vault for all your pertinent plan documents, investment reviews and meeting notes.

The Government, the Department of Labor and the Internal Revenue Service have created the compliance perfect storm. More often you must rely on professional advice from third parties to provide guidance. Legacy Retirement Plan Services works closely with plan providers and ERISA legal counsel to bring calm to the storm.

Comprehensive Employee Education

Charting proper investment direction, asset allocation, diversification and fund choice can be overwhelming for most plan participants. The financial world seems to create new challenges daily and as a plan sponsor, you are often asked, by your employees, to provide investment and plan education. At Legacy Retirement Plan Services, we realize that not all plan sponsors are fully equipped to provide accurate, ongoing education and prudent advice. We also realize that not all plan participants are on the same road to retirement. Our education programs utilize vendor information as well as customized materials to provide targeted communications for all participants. All education programs are specifically developed with your team to meet your employee's needs and goals.

Our continuous, defined process of educating employees about their plan, its investments, and the importance of this valuable employee benefit builds confidence and trust among participants that they can get help along the way. Our education plan is built on our years of extensive knowledge of the markets, products and ideas that help our clients save effectively and retire on their terms, not the markets’.

Legacy Retirement Plan Services partners with our nationwide, local team of advisors to bring financial planning professionals to your company's locations. Our team provides the necessary one on one financial planning with thorough needs analysis and comprehensive planning practices to help your employees retire with dignity.

Financial Wellness Programs

Money problems don’t stay at home………….they follow employees to work! Lost productivity, high turnover, rising healthcare costs and being off track for retirement are symptoms of a larger problem, employees financial lives are a mess! We believe it does not have to be that way. Legacy Retirement Plan Services believes there is more to “retirement planning” than just saving in your employers’ retirement plan. By taking a holistic approach to planning employees see the whole picture. Whether your employees need to learn more about their retirement plan, starting an emergency fund, saving for college or insurance planning for the unexpected, financial wellness programs offer something for every employee. For some employees their financial situation is not one they like to talk to an advisor about, therefore we bring the financial education to them in a discreet, online, self-paced format.

Investment Monitoring

Investment choices, asset classes, expense ratios, betas, Sharpe ratios, and star ratings can confuse even the most seasoned fiduciaries. Fiduciary education and investment policy statements are the basis for our processes at Legacy Retirement Plan Services. The investment policy statement, which is written in accordance with our partner ERISA counsel and your team's goals, helps to provide a clear road map for investment committee decisions.

All plan fiduciaries are provided with access to our proprietary Plan Vault, which houses all fiduciary documents and our easy to understand FiRM Investment reviews.

We are an unbiased, independent firm, providing an investment monitoring process whereby plan fiduciaries can analyze quantitative and qualitative data to make educated decisions about plan investments. We utilize widely recognized Morningstar, Inc. data and Fiduciary Investment Reporting Manager, Inc. software to make your decision-making process uncomplicated and clear. An educated fiduciary is the best fiduciary.

We act as a partner and a 3(21) co-fiduciary to the plan by sharing in the liability of the investment decision making process.

Contact our team leader, David Pabin at or 972-442-6705 for more information.

Neither Woodbury Financial Services, Inc., nor its registered representatives, offer tax or legal advice. As with all matters of a tax or legal nature, you should consult with your tax or legal counsel for advice. Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio in any given market environment. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

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