Wayne Urban



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Wayne has been working in the insurance and financial services sector since 2002.  With a strong belief in saving and investing for the future, Wayne’s primary goal is to provide people with the tools to gain the financial stability to live the life they’ve always wanted.  Wayne was born and raised in Victoria, TX, where he has a strong background in farming and ranching and operates his own F-1 Cattle and Quarter House operation.  Wayne also has 50 years of experience in commercial construction and custom home building.



He is the proud father of three children; Jerheme, Molly and Caleb.  Jerheme and Molly are both successful alumni of Trinity University, with Jerheme currently playing wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals and Molly receiving the 2009 Teacher of the Year for the New Braunfel’s Independent School District.  His youngest, Caleb, is currently attending Trinity University, where he is studying Business Management and is captain of the football team.


Wayne is a huge community advocate, devoting many hours coaching youth activities for various programs.  He has received the YMCA’s Coach of the Year award for his service.  Wayne has also been the past director or the Victoria Zoo Board, Independent Cattleman’s Association, and Trinity Lutheran Church.  When time permits, he also enjoys hunting, fishing and riding horseback on his ranch.



Phone (361) 652-5919 or (361) 652-1765